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East Surrey Subregional - Epsom & Ewell

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Step 1 - Registration

Background information 

There is no ‘Council housing’ in Epsom and Ewell.  Social rented housing is instead provided by a number of different housing associations, the largest being Rosebery Housing Association.

The Council has ‘nomination rights’ to a percentage of the housing associations vacancies and in order to decide who will be put forward to each vacancy the Council operates a Housing Needs Register. The Housing Needs Register is a waiting list for people in the borough who are in need of social rented accommodation. Applicants are awarded priority based on an assessment of their circumstances and housing needs, based in accordance with the Council’s Allocation Policy.  

When a property becomes available it will be advertised through the Council’s choice based letting scheme, Epsom and Ewell Home Choice. Applicants will be able to see what properties are available and bid for those that they are match. The successful applicant will be the person with the highest priority for the property they have bid for and who also meets the property criteria.

There is a severe shortage of social housing in the borough and it is likely to be some considerable time, if at all, before an applicant would be considered for rehousing. The Housing Needs Register is a waiting list and is generally unable to assist with rehousing quickly or in emergencies.  We would strongly recommend therefore, that you do not rely on the Council’s Housing Needs Register to accommodate you within a given time period. As a result, if you have a more urgent housing problem you may wish to seek advice on your alternative housing options.

Qualifying criteria

To qualify for inclusion on the Council's Housing Needs Register applicants must be over the age of 16, be eligible and qualifying and not fall within any of the non qualifying groups outlined in the Housing Allocation policy.   Qualifying criteria has been introduced with strengthened criteria relating to local connection, financial resources and behaviour.  If you do not met this criteria you will not be entitled to join the Housing Needs Register.

A summary of this criteria is available here. A full copy of the new policy is available here: New Housing Application Policy 2016  . The new version of the policy will be fully implemented following the completion of the review.

How to apply

Brief guide to how to apply on-line for the first time.       

To apply to join the register you need to complete an on-line application form. This is an on-line application form to join Epsom & Ewell Borough Council‘s Housing Needs Register to be considered for:

  • Housing Association general needs rented accommodation
    Housing Association sheltered or designated elderly accommodation
    Special Needs Supported accommodation.

Click on the link on "Log in /My account " above. Then click on the link " If you do not have a login, click here to register." 

If you decide to apply you will first need to complete the 'new household registration' form. Once this done you will be given a registration number. Immediately after you will need to compete the social housing application by clicking on the link " To apply for social housing click here".  

You will only have 30 minutes to complete the on-line application form.  Before you start you will need to have certain information at hand. You will need your:

  • national insurance number(s)
  • address history for the last five years
  • employment details
  • income, savings and welfare benefit information
  • landlords name and contact details
  • information about your current accommodation
  • details about your households medical situation and any support agencies you are working with.
  • Once you have submitted the on-line application form you will need be to provide all the required documentation within 14 days.If you do not your application will not be processed and will be cancelled. List of the required documents can be found here.

    For those applicants who need assistance completing  an on-line application form please contact Housing Services and we will arrange an appointment.

    If you have a change of circumstance or move you will be required to update your on-line application form and we will then reassess your application. It is important that you update your on-line application form as soon as possible and provide the required documents. The date used to assess your change of circumstances will be the date the documentation are received by the Council. This will not be backdated and any delay will effect your priority for rehousing. 

    To up date your on-line application, log on as usual then click on "my social housing" link displayed on the left hand index and then click on "click here to update details". 

    Remember to provide any updated documents to support your change of circumstances.



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