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Applying for Social Housing

There are no council homes in the Epsom and Ewell borough. Social housing is provided by a number of different housing associations and the council will have nomination rights to a percentage of these properties. 

The council allocates the properties it has nomination rights to applicants on council’s Housing Needs Register.  In order to ensure that all social housing is allocated fairly and objectively to those most in need the council has an Housing Allocation Policy which sets out who is entitled to join the Housing Needs Register, how we assess need and prioritise applications and how we allocate properties.

Social housing properties that are available to rent from housing associations will then be advertised on the Council’s Choice Based Lettings website, Epsom and Ewell Homechoice.

The vast majority of social housing properties available in the borough will now be let on Affordable Rents and fixed term tenancies. Affordable Rent properties have their rents set at a level of up to 80% of the market rent. These will be at similar level to most private sector housing rents or the LHA rate.

Please note that there is a severe shortage of social housing in the borough, with less than 100 properties becoming available each year. It is likely to be some considerable time, if at all, before you would be considered for rehousing. Therefore you should not rely on the Council’s Housing Needs Register to assist with rehousing quickly or in emergencies.  As a result, if you have a more urgent housing problem you may wish to seek advice on your alternative housing options from the Housing Options Team.