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Private Sector Renting

Private renting has become the main housing option for most people and is often the quickest way to find a home.  Private renting can be much more flexible than other forms of housing, with periodic and fixed terms tenancies, short and long term lets available.

Private landlords offer a wide range of accommodation of different sizes in different locations.  If you are on a low income you may be entitled to help towards your rent with Benefits. You can use the entitled to calculator to give you an indication of your likely entitlement to benefits.   You can also use the bedroom calculator to work out how many bedrooms your household is eligible for and you will need to be aware of the local housing allowance (LHA) for the size of property you are entitled to.  You can check the local housing allowance here.

Properties can be found in letting agents and on websites and you can also find them in newspapers, shop windows and sometimes on the information boards in major supermarkets.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness the Council will be working with you to help resolve your housing problem however due to the severe shortage of social housing you will most likely be offered help to find private rented accommodation rather than be offered social housing. The more you can do to find your own private rented accommodation the more choice you will have over the area, size and type of accommodation offered. 

If you homeless or threatened with homelessness and you are unable to raise your own deposit you may be eligible for assistance through the Council's Rent Deposit Scheme.  Please read our Rent Deposit scheme Factsheet for more information.   You will need to arrange a Housing Options appointment

Please read the Finding Private Rent Accommodation factsheet for advice and information on how to find private rented accommodation.

Please read the Local Housing Allowance factsheet for further information on the LHA rates in this area.

Please read the Help with Housing Costs factsheet for further information on the benefits you might be entitled to help with your rent.

Please read the Lettings Agents factsheet for further details on letting agents and on property websites