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Medical needs

If an applicants or anyone in their household has an illness or disability, which is affected by their current home they will need to complete the medical section of the on-line  application form. There will usually be a need to provide supporting documentation from the most appropriate health or social care professional that has direct knowledge of the applicant’s condition, as well as the impact their condition has on their needs to be re-housed.

In most cases the Council will seek advice from the Council’s Medical Advisor (or other independent medical advisor) who is an independent health professional. Where the information provided relates to minor ailments, a Council Officer may carry out an assessment.

Medical priority will be awarded according to the extent to which the health or welfare of one or more members of the applicant’s household is affected by their present housing conditions, the expected benefits of providing suitable alternative settled housing and whether the council or its housing association partners could provide accommodation that would alleviate the medical condition or substantially reduce the difficulties caused by it.

Medical priority may not be awarded if the condition is short term and the applicant would normally be expected to make a full recovery, e.g. broken leg.