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Advertising and Bidding

When a property becomes available it will be advertised on Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s Homechoice website -

Available properties will be advertised from midnight Thursday through to midnight the following Wednesday.

How to bid

To bid you will first need to reigster and have an active Housing Needs Register application.

To bid you will need to log on and your account page will show you which properties are available for you to bid on. You will then need to bid on the properties that you are interested in.

Handy tips and guidance on how to bid are available on the Help tab above.

Applicants who do not have access to the internet or need help bidding can request to be set up for auto bidding. Auto bidding is where the system will place bids on your behalf. This is usually done on a Wednesday just before the bidding closes.

How many properties can you express an interest in?

You will be able to bid on a maximum of three properties per week (depending on the number of available properties). However, you will only be able bid on properties that are suitable for your household.   Applicants in each of the categories will only be able to bid on properties advertised in the corresponding category.

What information will the property adverts contain?

The adverts will tell you the landlord, location, size, rent and other features of the property. Where available a photograph of the property or a similar house type will be provided and you will be able to access information about the local area and facilities. The advert will also tell you if there are any special criteria that the applicant must meet, such as age requirements or a lettings plan criteria and which applicant category the property is intended for.

Will you know how many other people are interested in the same property?

At the time you place your bid you will be given your position in the queue. This will change during the week as other applicants also bid. At the end of the bidding week you can log back on and see your final position in the shortlist.

Why is it saying you are not eligible for any properties?

There are four reasons that this may be the case.

(1) That it is a Thursday.  No properties are advertised on a Thursday and there will therefore be no properties that you are eligible for. 
(2) That there are no properties of the right size for you and your household being advertised that week.
3)  That there are no properties for your applicant category (ie Homeless, Waiting List or Transfer) being advertised that week.
(4) You have not yet applied for the Housing Needs Register or don’t have an active application